Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Session 2

On October 3rd, we sent our second set of questions to Hasbro to take part in the Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to those three questions!

1. Regarding the upcoming A New Hope wave of Legacy figures, any chance we can get a picture of Trinto Duaba wearing his hood/cloak? Or how about a better look at the Jawa & WED Droid duo?

** We're sorry but we don't have too much more beyond what was shown at Comic Con. Hopefully the attached images of the Jawa and WED will suffice.

Click on the thumbnails for a closer look!

On Trinto, we have no images with the cloak at all. Sorry!

2. In a previous Q&A session, you confirmed a Clone Commando update was coming in in an Evolutions set in Spring 2009 (schedule permitting). Can we hope for a new SA Endor Rebel Commando to be included or should we be expecting more Clones to fill out the set?

** It will be Clone-focused.

3. Things are looking pretty bleak for Dr. Jones as all signs unfortunately seem to point to the end of his toy line. How about this - If retail is drying up and on-lines sales alone won’t support the line, how about putting that nifty 2009 Raiders wave into an SDCC’09 Exclusive Box Set to reward those of us who loved the line? We get the figures we want, you get HUGE amounts of warm fuzzies from us Indy collectors. SDCC seems like the perfect outlet/market for this type set… yes, no, maybe? Please?

** Interesting idea, but it's not in the works for Comic Con next year.