DCD Green Lantern Blackest Night Figures Announced

DC Direct has announced plans for action figures from the event of the summer - the highly anticipated "Blackest Night" storyline! Included in Blackest Night Series 1 are Red Lantern Atrocitus, Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Alpha Lantern Boodikka, and the first Black Lantern, SPOILER Earth-2 Superman (highlight to read spoiler text)! Click on the thumbnails above to check out the figures and look for them at your local comic book store this September!

And, while not officially announced, DC Direct also revealed a teaser image of what appears to be Blackest Night Series 2: Green Lantern John Stewart, an Indigo Corps Member, Kryb of the Sinestro Corps, and another Black Lantern. Click on the teaser below for a preview!