Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Session 7

On January 16th, we sent our seventh batch of questions to Hasbro to take part in their Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to those questions.

- Please note that when these questions were originally submitted, the schedule said we'd be getting answers back on January 30th. As you can see, that didn't happen. As a result of Hasbro's schedule change, some of the questions in this session are horribly out of date at this point. Better luck next time I suppose.

1. When can we expect to see the next batch of Galactic Heroes at retail? We're itching to buy some of those GH Spider Droids and Clone sets!

** The latest wave will be shipping out of Hasbro next week (week of March 2nd). Look for it to start appearing on shelves about two-three weeks from now.

2. Last time we beat "Comic Pack Han" to death, so now we're moving on to EU Han. How about we help you guys plan out a Han Solo Evolutions set for 2010! We start with a Han in Imperial garb (TIE Pilot or Imp Officer, your pick). Then we move on to a sweet super-articulated Yavin IV Medal Ceremony Han. And finally, we finish with a new Mynock Cave/Mechanic Han Solo. If you could go ahead and get started on that, we'll send a nice basket of cookies ASAP.

** Evolutions is not continuing forward, but we get the idea that you like Han and want to see some more upgraded or new versions checked off the list. Those are three pretty good suggestions for new takes on Han. An Imperial/Academy Han would be interesting and there is comic reference for it; the chances this one could come to light some day in comic form are slight but not out of the realm of possibility. The other two are likely over the next few years. They may not be in the lineup any time soon but they remain good figures to upgrade.

3. Toy Fair is just four weeks away (two weeks by the time we get these answers back). [Editors Note: Or maybe Toy Fair was two weeks ago - darn Q&A delays!] Give us a tease on one item you're itching to reveal. Any one item you just can't wait for us to see?

** By now, you've seen the rollout from Toy Fair and we hope that you like what you saw. We do not reveal any secrets beforehand - that goes against the idea pretty much - unless we're asked a specific question that merits an answer that would tease out some tasty info.