Toy Fair 2009 Report - Hasbro!

Well, we're back from the Hasbro show - lots and lots of goodies were unveiled and we'll start uploading pics soon. Until the pics get processed, here are some Legacy Collection basic figure highlights for you to discuss!

- Legacy Wave 5 (ESB) = The Hoth Rebel Troopers WILL have a soft goods skirt! A limited number got out without it, so be careful when you buy to wait for the skirted version. Also, the variants - Version 1 of the Hoth Rebel and Ugnaught will ship in Wave 6 (with Wave 6 Droid parts) and Version 2 of each will ship with Wave 7 (with Wave 7 Droid parts).

- Build-a-Droid HK-47 IS coming - he's the droid featured with the Wave 7 (AotC) Wave! The Build-a-Droid for Wave 8 (TPM) is L8-L9 from the original Clone Wars microseries!

- The Return of the Jedi Wave (formerly Wave 8)? It's been postponed until later in the year. We'll have to wait a bit for that new Slave Leia.

Stay tuned, there's more to come!