Toy Fair Images - 2009 Walmart Droid Factory 2-Packs

Our Toy Fair 2009 coverage continues with more official Hasbro press images. Click on the thumbnails below to check out the 2009 Walmart Droid Factory 2-Packs - Boba Fett & BL-17, Corran Horn & Whistler, General Grievous & CB-3D, Anakin Skywalker & Cortosis Droid, and Darth Maul & 1-5YQ. Buy all 5 sets and you get the pieces to build a Phase 2 Dark Trooper!

Walmart Droid Factory 2-Pack Notes:
- Only 5 sets this time around, but the build-a-droid is bigger then ever!
- The sets feature a mix of new figures, repaints, kitbashes and repacks.
- Look for all five sets to iht Walmart in the late summer months.