Toy Fair Images - Deluxe Figure & Vehicle Sets

Our Toy Fair 2009 coverage continues with more official Hasbro press images. Click on the thumbnails below to preview the initial offerings in the new Clone Wars Deluxe Figure & Vehicle line!

Deluxe Figure & Vehicle Notes:
- Wave 1 is scheduled to arrive in August and includes 4 sets - Anakin Skywalker with Can-Cell, Clone Trooper with BARC Speeder, Battle Droid with Scout Tank, and Crab Droid. All four sets are made up of repaints of existing toys.
- Wave 2 is basically the Turbo Tank Gunner Crew set, which consists of two Clone repaints and two turrets for the upcoming Turbo Tank.
- And finally, Wave 3 is Count Dooku with Speeder Bike. The bike is a repaint and Dooku is an upgrade of the basic carded figure - this time he's got new knee joints.