Toy Fair Images - Legacy Collection Wave 8

We continue our Toy Fair 2009 coverage with more official Hasbro press images - Click on the thumbnails below to check out pics of Legacy Collection Wave 8 from The Phantom Menace - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala, Holo Sidious with Mechno-Chair, Gungan Warrior, Rum Sleg, Clegg Holdfast (not shown), and Build-a-Droid L8-L9 (not shown).

Legacy Collection Wave 8 Notes:
- The Build-A-Droid figure for Wave 8 is L8-L9 from the original Clone Wars Micro Series. While the figure was previewed, we don't have a pic to share yet. He may come with blaster attachments for his arm canons.
- As reported prevoiusly, Obi-Wan in this wave was also part of the planned Evolutions set that was scrapped.
- A Ratts Tyerell figure was originally planned as part of this wave, but he's been bumped. Taking his place is another Pod Racer, Clegg Holdfast. Hopefully we'll get pics of him soon! Ratts will show up in the line eventually though.

- Hasbro is running a special mail-away promotion with this wave (and a few other select products this Fall). Each figure will include a sticker and you'll be able to use those stickers to send away for a special edition Eopie & Qui-Gon Jinn set to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Phantom Menace.

The Eopie is a repaint of the rare Episode 1 beast and Qui-Gon wil be a repack of the Evolutions sculpt with the Mos Espa Poncho.