Toy Fair Images - Star Wars Galactic Heroes

We continue our Toy Fair 2009 coverage with more official Hasbro press images. Click on the thumbnails below to check out upcoming Star Wars Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes!

Star Wars Galactic Heroes Notes:
- The Attack on the Death Star X-Wing set and the Snowspeeder set should be hiting stores anyday now (a few etailers have already started filling pre-orders).
- The Anakin Starfighter is a repaint of the previously released Obi-Wan version.
- The Obi-Wan Ep3 Starfighter is a new sculpt and you will most likely see it again in Yellow, just like the other starfighter.
- Another upcoming Cinema Scene, Endor Celebration, was shown during the Toy Fair presentation. Look for pics of that set when we get the presentation slides posted!
- And, some sad news - there was definitely a Galactic Heroes AT-AT mocked up, but it was dropped from the 2009 line at the last minute. There just wasn't room for it this year. Hopefully it will make it into the 2010 line-up!