Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Session 9

On March 20th, we sent our ninth batch of questions to Hasbro to once again take part in their Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to those three questions!

1. OK, we've already got Obi-Wan's Delta 7 Starfighter and Anakin's yellow Delta 7 Starfighter is expected this Summer. How long before we get Ahsoka's ship to round out the set?

** Not long, not long at all. Stay tuned!

2. A question on the plan for the SDCC'09 Stormtrooper Commander figure - will he get new/special packaging or will it be a complete re-issue of the 2008 figure/cardback? At Toy Fair, it sounded like you were leaning towards all-new packaging. Any progress on a final decision?

** He will be packed on a basic figure card in the new red/white line look, with an outer clamshell.

3. Rum Sleg from the Phantom Menace Wave is a fantastic looking figure. We have one thing we'd like cleared up though since there seems to be conflicting rumors out there - does he have a removable helmet or not? And is the chest armor removable or not?

** He does have a removable helmet, but the chest armor is sculpted as part of his body.