Kubrick Boba Fett Collection Case Ratios Revealed

Thanks to our friends at Instinctoy, we now have a good understanding of the Master Case ratios for the Kubrick Boba Fett Collection.
11:48 "Vintage Toy" Fett
10:48 "Black & White" Fett
08:48 "Droids" Fett
08:48 "Holiday Special" Fett
04:48 "McQuarrie/Johnston" Fett
04:48 "McQuarrie" Fett
02:48 "Prototype Color" Fett {found in the "Black & White Toy" Fett box}
01:96 "L-Slot Prototype" Fett {found in the "Vintage Toy" Fett box}
01:96 "J-Slot Rocket" Fett {found in the "Vintage Toy" Fett box}
Good luck to all those getting ready to track down your Boba Fett Collection set!