The Clone Wars Waves 6, 7, & 8 Found at Retail

No, you didn't read that wrong - three new waves of Clone Wars basic figures have been spotted at Target and Walmart stores all over the USA. That's 16 new figures and 7 repackaged ones all arriving in various orders at a store near you. Here'e a handy checklist of the new figures to take on your next shopping trip!
The Clone Wars - Wave 6 (aka 2009 Wave 3)
'09 CW06 Mace Windu
'09 CW07 Admiral Yularen
'09 CW08 Jawas
'09 CW09 Commander Gree
'09 CW10 ARF Trooper
'09 CW11 Heavy Assault Super Battle Droid

The Clone Wars - Wave 7 (aka 2009 Wave 4)
'09 CW12 Obi-Wan Kenobi (with Space Gear)
'09 CW13 4-A7
'09 CW14 Yoda
'09 CW15 Whorm Loathsom
'09 CW16 Commando Droid
'09 CW17 Clone Trooper Echo

The Clone Wars - Wave 8 (aka 2009 Wave 5)
'09 CW20 Clone Trooper Denal
'09 CW21 Anakin Skywalker (with Space Gear)
'09 CW22 Cad Bane
'09 CW23 Ahsoka Tano (with Space Gear)