2009 Han's Hideout Star Wars Fan's Choice Results

All of the votes have been tallied and the results of the 2009 Han's Hideout Star Wars Fan's Choice Poll are here! Without further ado, here is the "Top 30" most requested figures list that we submitted to Hasbro on behalf of our readers:
1. Bom Vimdin
2. Mosep
3. Cleigg Lars
4(tie). Darth Vader (RotJ, Funeral Pyre)
4(tie). Chancellor Palpatine (RotS, Office Duel)
6. Baniss Keeg
7. Padme Amidala (AotC, Lake Retreat)
8. Emperor Palpatine (RotS, Senate Duel)
9. Mawhonic
10. Noghri
11(tie). Luke Skywalker (ESB, Hoth)
11(tie). Lt. Pello Scrambas
11(tie). Cal Alder
14. Joruus C'baoth
15(tie). Tzizvvt
15(tie). Arliel Schous
17. Ben Quadrinaros
18. Crimson Jack (Marvel Star Wars)
19. Bollux/Blue Max
20. Vlix
21. Imperial Officer (Black Uniform)
22. Lumpawarrump
23. Admiral Pellaeon
24(tie). Princess Leia (Sandstorm Deleted Scene)
24(tie). Seargent Doallyn
24(tie). Lumat
27. Onaconda Farr (Senator)
28(tie). Malla
28(tie). Attichitcuk
30. Toryn Farr
Thanks to everyone who voted and stay tuned for details on the next round of fan choice voting from Hasbro and ToyFare!