Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Session 16

On August 21st, we sent our sixteenth batch of questions to Hasbro to once again take part in their Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to those three questions!
1. Since it looks like the Winter'09 ESB wave has more figures than needed for a 6-piece droid, can you shed a little light on which pieces will come with which figure in that wave?

** You are correct in that this wave does have more "new" figures than it is supposed to, since six figures are needed to complete any protocol droid. The answer is because R2-X2 was originally designed as a "pure" package refresh brought into the basic figure line for the first time. However, as we got further along we realized that the original deco when R2-X2 was first released in a multi-figure pack, was incorrect and with Lucasfilm we corrected the deco. As a result, it is basically a new figure to replace the old. So a simple package refresh became like a new figure.

Here are how the parts break out of the "true" six new figures slotted for this wave:
Luke Snowspeeder (HK-50 head); AT-AT Driver (HK-50 body); Bespin Wing Guard
(HK-50 L Arm); Willrow Hood (HK-50 R Arm); Zuckuss (HK-50 L Leg); Concept Art Snowtrooper (HK-50 R Leg).

The other six "redundant" parts are:
Snowtrooper (HK-50 L Leg); R2-X2 (HK-50 R Leg); Commander Bacara (HK-50 Body); Plo Koon (HK-50 L Arm); Agen Kolar (HK-50 R Arm); Commander Deviss (HK-50 Head).

2. If the Hasbro Star Wars team was able to contribute to the current "Fans' Choice Poll" with none of your usual worries (like costing or case make-up or whatever), what would your collective top five look like?

** We canvassed a few members of the team and did not find a unanimous top 5 list. This reflects not only the wide variety of interests, but the high quality of choices still at large in the figure world. In no particular order: Snoova (resculpt); the actual "Sith" species; Mandalorian Neo Crusader; Bastila Shan; Joe Johnston concept Imperial Guard; Phase 2 Dark Trooper (2 votes so technically the #1 choice here); Guri; Weequay Skiff Master; Widdle & Oochee 2-pack; Yuuzhan Vong (more slender sculpt); Luke in Emperor Guard disguise (resculpt); super-articulated Rancor with elbows and knees (hey, that's not eligible!); Nera Dantels; super-articulated AT-ST driver; Bettybot; female Stormtrooper from Legacy 0; Jaxxon; Ponda Baba; Dr. Evazon; Aqualish Technician (Clone Wars); Nelvaan Warrior (mutated - he'd be HUGE!); Shado Vao.

3. Our Galactic Heroes Sandpeople need a beast of burden! When are we going to see a nifty GH scale Bantha? Pack in a couple Sandpeople, Ben, Luke, and the Droids and you've got the makings of a great scene!

** While there are no plans for a Galactic Heroes Bantha right now, he's one of the beasts that's high on our creature wish list. Chances are good that you'll see one in the next couple of years.