Hasbro Remote Control Republic Gunship Mini-Review

As a Star Wars collector with a 3.75" action figure focus, I don't often stray into many other toy lines. But recently, I had the chance to crack open the new Clone Wars Remote Control Republic Gunship courtesy of Hasbro. Designed to fly indoors, this RC helicopter style Gunship seems like the perfect way to while away the doldrums of the coming winter.

The ship itself is made with a soft foam and the rotor blades are encased in a roll cage to keep from damaging walls (or anything else you may crash into). The controls are a bit tricky to master at first, but after a few tries everyone in the house had nearly mastered sending the ship on a strafing run of the poor helpless Galactic Heroes we set up.

So, if you're looking for something a bit different from the usual 3.75" figure fare, give one of these RC ships (Republic Gunship or Jedi Starfighter) a try! If you're looking for an easy way to pick one up, consider a pre-order at Entertainment Earth!

**Thanks again to Hasbro for providing us this free sample to review.