New Star Wars Comic Packs Up for Pre-Order

Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-orders for the final wave of Star Wars Comic Packs. Yes, the reports are true - this will indeed be the LAST wave of basic Star Wars Comic Packs. Sad to see what was once such a great source of Expanded Universe characters draw to a close, but we can always hope it comes back again one day.

Legacy Collection Comic Packs Wave 7 includes five new sets - Exar Kun & Ulic Qel-Droma from Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith #6, Jedi Masters Tholme & T'ra Saa from Republic #65, Blackhole Stormtrooper & Blackhole Holograph from Star Wars Early Adventures #1, 212th Battalion Clone Lieutenant & Trooper from Routine Valor, and Bogey Squad Scout & Clone Trooper from Republic #83. Also included in the wave are the three Comic Packs from the current wave - Yuuzhan Vong & Kyle Katarn from Star Wars Tales #21, Darth Krayt & Sigel Dare from Star Wars Legacy #22, and Lumiya & Luke Skywalker from Marvel Star Wars #96.