Toy Fair 2010 Report - Hasbro!

Well, we're back from the Hasbro show - a pile of goodies were unveiled and we'll start uploading pics soon. Until the pics get processed, here are some Legacy Collection basic figure highlights for you to discuss!
- The Legends line will use the "Shadow of the Dark Side" card back style like the Clone Wars figures, but with a big orange stripe at the top. The merchandising teams will be providing info and updates to retailers to help them keep the two lines straight because...

- CW and Legends will be dropping to $6.99 SRP. Vintage will stay at $7.99 because the higher cost is needed to get us more "new" figures with the quality we've grown accustomed to seeing.

- CW gets a price break because they can afford it now thanks to many 2+ year old figures ending up in the line again next year (Anakin, Rex, Ahsoka, etc). The fact that they can keep recarding and reusing so many of the figures helps bring the price of the line down. Legends gets the price break because they look like the CW stuff.

- In case you can't tell by the pictures, the cards are back to 6x9 for the Vintage line. The CW/Legends cardback is the new smaller size though.

- From Derryl Depriest: "the bubble was designed to accomodate the big figures... but not HUGE ones". In other words, a Gamorrean Guard wll fit in the new bubble (it's much deeper than I was expecting and should be just one standard size used for all figures), but Hermi/Ephant will not. Doesn't rule out a repack of them someday, just not anytime soon.

- I asked about Bastila Shan. Sounds like at some point, we will get an EU wave on the "vintage" cardbacks. Probably not until late 2011, early 2012 but there will probably be EU on the cards at some point.

- The eventual EU wave (whenever it happens) will likely hold a few of the cancelled comic pack guys - Noghri, Ralra, Non Anor, etc. That was good news to me because I'd probably buy a few Noghri now and wouldn't have with the comic pack.

- More on the EU wave; they were still trying to figure out if the cards would simply say "Star Wars", "Star Wars: Expanded Universe" or if they'll get down to a finer level of detail (KOTOR, Dark Horse Legacy, etc).

- Sounds like it's... Wave 1 = ESB, Wave 2 = RotS, Wave 3 = RotJ, and Wave 4 = AotC. We'll probably get wave 2-4 at SDCC and then previews of waves 5-6 (ANH, TPM) at Celebration 5.

- There is still no home for Imperial Scanning Trooper version #2. Hasbro really wants to get him out, but they don't have a place for him in 2010. Maybe 2011?
Stay tuned, there's more to come!