Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Session 24

On February 26th, we sent our twenty-fourth batch of questions to Hasbro to once again take part in their Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to our two questions!
1) You know us collectors - we're never satisfied. We get a whole pile of goodies lavished on us at Toy Fair and most already can't help but wonder what's next? We know you want to keep things under wraps until SDCC, but can you at least give us the mix you're expecting for 2010 Vintage Wave 2 - how many "new" figures and how many repacks will we see in the second Vintage Collection wave?

** EpIII is the theme for Wave 2 of Vintage, with eight figures will be brought in (seven from EpIII and one from EpIV). Of the seven, four will be upgrades of previously released characters (including an all new Senate Duel Darth Sidious) and the others are "greatest hits" style figures.

2) In the Toy Fair showroom, we asked about the nifty Mace Windu that was on display with the Clone Wars basic figures (the one with the Mando Helmet accessory). No one seemed sure to which wave he and the repainted ARF trooper (the one with the camo deco) belonged. Can you confirm for us if the new Mace and ARF Trooper repaint are in Fall 2010 Clone Wars Wave 1 or did they get bumped to Wave 2 as was suspected during the Toy Fair collector event? Since they weren't shown in the slide presentation, we're a little confused at where they go in the line.

** Neither. Both figures are actually in Wave 3. The Clone Wars waves for Fall are spaced about 1 month apart if all goes as planned.