Medicom Kubrick Star Wars Deluxe Series 1 Update

Slowly but surely, Kubrick Star Wars Deluxe Series 1 rumors are trickling out of Japan. We asked the fine folks at Medicom if they could clear up a few things for us, and lucky for you, they obliged.
1) How will the Kubrick Jabba's Palace Display Base be packaged with the Master Cases? Will it be placed randomly inside one of the 4 inner boxes or will it be packed into the outer Master Case along with the 4 boxes?

** Display base (printed cardboard) is not intended for sale. One sheet is included to every master carton so that retail shops can use as promotion display tool.

2) How will the bonus Jabba the Hutt figure work? Will the figure be broken up into pieces and if so, how many pieces will there be and how will the pieces be distributed (randomly or assigned)?

** The bonus figure (Jabba the Hutt) is made of 6 parts. Each one part is included in one KUBRICK figure. 6 kinds in the assort has a unique part, so customers should be able to complete the bonus figure by collecting all the basic 6 KUBRICK figures in the assortment.

3) Will there be SECRET Pieces to go along with any potential SECRET figures?

** We can not mention anything about Secret, as it is secret...
Thanks to Medicom Toy for helping clear things up a little bit. June can't get here soon enough as far as this Kubrick fan is concerned!