Hasbro Star Wars Q&A - Session 31

On September 24th, we sent our thirty-first batch of questions to Hasbro to once again take part in their Star Wars Question and Answer sessions. Today, we've got the answers to our two questions!
1) Have you decided yet what set will accompany the Yavin IV Technician and Sled in the TRU exclusive deluxe assortment next Spring? At Celebration all you could offer was that it would most likely be Clone Wars themed - any chance you can let us know what the other set in assortment will be?

** Yes, we will reveal... it will be a Clone Wars Geonosian Warrior (non-zombified) on a speeder. Right now we're looking at a March '11 on-shelf date.

2) At Celebration V you mentioned that the AotC Padme would be shipping with two unique headdresses - one movie based and one concept based. Any chance we could get a comparison pic of the two headdresses atop Padme's head?

** Attached are the two headresses that will be included with Padme.

Click on the Thumbnails to check out the pics!