Toy Fair 2011 Report - Hasbro!

Well, we're back from the Hasbro show - a pile of goodies were unveiled and we'll start uploading pics soon. Until the pics get processed, here are some Clone Wars and Vintage Collection basic figure highlights for you to discuss!
- Clone Wars Wave 21 (Spring 2011 Wave 2) will be made up of five new figures - Season Three Ahsoka Tano, Season Three Anakin, El-Les, Clone Commander Wolffe, and Aqua Battle Droid.

- Clone Wars Wave 22 (Spring 2011 Wave 3) will be made up of four new figures - Eeth Koth, Bariss Offee, Clone Commander Colt, and Riot Gear Clone Trooper.

- There will be a pile of new Deluxe Vehicle with Figure sets this Spring. Look for a Boba Fett Set, a Castas set, and more!

- Vintage Wave 6 will be made up of six new figures - Dagobah Pilot Luke Skywalker, General Lando Calrissian, Weequay Skiff Master, Fi-Ek Sirch, AotC Clone Trooper, and AT-RT Driver.

- Vintage Wave 7 will be made up of six new figures - Bespin Han Solo, Bariss Offee, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Bom Vimdin, Logray, and Clone Trooper Commander. Which Commander you ask? Well it's the trooper previously known as Captain Fordo. Apparently they can't call him Fordo for some reason, so he gets a generic name. The good news on Fordo is that he comes with two helmets and two sets of pauldrons so you can set him up to be Phase I or Phase II.

- Vintage Wave 8 will be made up of five new figures - 501st Clone Trooper, Aayla Secura, Kithaba, Nom Anor, and Dr. Evazan. Nom Anor will come with removable spikes and armor, allowing you to pose him however you'd like your Vong to look.

- Vintage Wave 9 was sneak previewed, with three new figures being shown - Bastilla Shan, Echo Base Trooper, and Ponda Baba. Look for the rest of the wave to be shown later. Of note - Ponda Baba will come with two sets of hands - regular and flippers!

- This year's chase figures will be based on the "Revenge of the Jedi" logo. Look for 12 carded figures with the "Revenge" logo as chases to be packed into the assortments this Fall. Also, there will be a mega-boxed set of all 12 chase figures at SDCC'11. The SDCC set is packaged in a fancy Death Star II box and includes bonus Salacious Crumb and Mouse Droid mini-carded figures.

- This year's mail-away will be the 1978 Prototype Armor Boba Fett. Imagine the classic Fett armor in black and white and you're on the right track.

- Galactic Heroes are done. The line is ending with the current wave. There will be a new line of preschooler themed Star Wars toys (Jedi Force) that will be replacing the GH toys. No word on the fate of the lost AT-ST Cinema Scene.
Stay tuned, there's more to come!