A Possible Fix for Yellow Helmets?

Are you one of the many collectors out there with yellow or greenish tints on the helmets of your trooper figures? If so, then check out this handy cleaning tip, which worked when I tried it on one of my Clone Troopers!
[disclaimer - hot water is hot, duh. Don't burn yourself!]
1. heat up some water to near boiling
2. soak the helmet in the HOT water for 3 minutes
3. dip a dry cloth in the HOT water
4. remove helmet from water (carefully, it's hot!)
5. rub/polish/buff the helmet with the wet cloth

Simple, right? Thanks to toydoctordude for the tip!
UPDATE: Forumite Greg from the JediDefender Forums recommended using a simple eraser to help detint your gear. Another great tip that appears to work well!