Entertainment Earth Has Lots of New Clone Wars Pre-Orders!

Entertainment Earth has posted a pile of new Clone Wars basic figure cases up for pre-order tonight. No pics yet, but check out the links for the run down on the cases and the 15 new carded figures revealed below!

- 2011 Fall Wave 1 (aka Wave 23) has four new figures and one new repack CW38 Clone Commander Jet, CW39 Hondo Onaka, CW53 Plo Koon (Cold Weather Gear), CW55 Savage Opress (Shirtless), and CW56 ARF Trooper (Kamino).

- 2011 Fall Wave 2 (aka Wave 24) has five new figures - CW54 Saesee Tiin, CW57 Stealth Ops Clone, CW60 Kit Fisto (Cold Weather Gear), CW61 Seripas, and CW62 Captain Rex (with Jet Pack).

- 2011 Fall Wave 3 (aka Wave 25) also has five new figures - CW58 Jedi Even Piell, CW59 Savage Opress (Armored), CW63 Kashyyyk Warrior, CW64 R7-D4 (Plo Koon's Astromech), and CW65 Jar Jar Binks.

Head on over and order yours now!