Toy Fair Images - Clone Wars Clone Turbo Tank

We continue our Toy Fair 2009 coverage with more official Hasbro press images. Click on the thumbnails below to check out the beast of 2009 - the Clone Wars Clone Turbo Tank!

Clone Wars Clone Turbo Tank Notes:
- The Tank features electronic lights and sounds and is designed to hold 20 Clone Troopers, similar to last year's AT-TE.
- The front of the Turbo Tank detaches to form a mini-bunker.
- The Turbo Tank includes a Clone Trooper figure and a BARC Speeder, which can be launched out the front of the Tank.
- Hasbro wizard Mark Boudreaux designed the interior of the Turbo Tank, which had yet to be defined by Lucasfilm. The design was so well recieved by Lucasfilm that it will be used when the Turbo Tank appears later in the animated series.