Toy Fair Images - Star Wars Battle Packs

We continue our Toy Fair 2009 coverage with more official Hasbro press images. Click on the thumbnails below to check out pics of upcoming Star Wars Battle Packs - Scramble on Yavin, Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt, Geonosis Assault, and Clone Wars Search for R2-D2.

Star Wars Battle Pack Notes:
- The Jabba the Hutt set picture shows a new Nikto figure... but it doesn't appear that this figure will nmake the final cut. He should end up in the line eventually though.
- Finally, new Gunship turrets! Only 1 turret per pack, so you'll have to buy two sets to fully outfit each of your gunships. Also, during the presentation, Hasbro hinted that there just might be another Gunship in our future.
- The Search for R2-D2 set is based on the Clone Wars story arc of the same name. It features a mix of new figures, repacks, and updates.